The Ontario-Québec Parliamentary Association’s 27th General Assembly

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Ontario-Québec Parliamentary Association’s 27th General Assembly which was held at Queen’s Park. I joined MPP Leardi, The Honourable Ted Arnott, and several other delegates from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as we met 8 delegates from the National Assembly of Québec. The conference served as a platform for fostering dialogue, collaboration and the exchange of ideas between Ontario and Québec. 

Among other things, we engaged in meaningful discussions on current challenges and opportunities in developing and exploring mineral resources. We also discussed practices that could advance Indigenous economies and relationships around natural resources. 

Throughout the conference, distinguished speakers and experts shared their insights, presenting innovative approaches and best practices. The sessions were thought-provoking, encouraging open and constructive debates that aimed to shape the future of both provinces. 

The annual Ontario-Québec Parliamentary Association conference served as a testament to the spirit of cooperation and partnership between the two provinces. The event showcased a commitment to finding common ground, working together and addressing shared challenges by gathering leaders and decision-makers under one roof. 

I look forward to continuing our fruitful discussions and implementing what we learned during this fantastic conference.