Smart Thermostat Users Can Lower their Electricity Bills

This government is helping families and businesses save money by saving energy with the new Peak Perks program.

The government is listening to the experts at the IESO and have expanded our Conservation Demand Management framework by $342 million up to a total of $1 billion.

This is part of the plan to ensure a reliable and affordable electricity system that is also one of the cleanest in the world so we can power the province, drive electrification and support strong economic growth.

As economic growth and decarbonization increase demand for electricity, we are looking at every option and taking action to meet our needs.

Eligible customers that enroll in the new Peak Perks program by July 31, 2023, will receive a $75 prepaid digital credit card by email. If customers enroll after July 31, they will still receive a $55 prepaid digital credit card. Participants will also receive an additional $20 digital credit card for each extra year they stay enrolled in the program starting in 2024.

The new and expanded Save on Energy programs is also providing targeted support for greenhouse growers in Southwest Ontario, in addition to enhancements to existing programs that offer support to businesses, municipalities, hospitals and other institutions to reduce their energy use and lower their energy bill.

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