Ontario Training Jobseekers for In-Demand Careers in Technology

Province investing nearly $3.5 million to train 800 Ontarians in emerging technologies

The Ontario government is investing $3.5 million through the Skills Development Fund (SDF) to provide free skills development training in technology-related fields for 800 workers and jobseekers in Toronto, with a focus on fostering Black entrepreneurship in tech. This brings Ontario’s total investment in skills development training through SDF to nearly $1.1 billion.

In partnership with the Dream Legacy Foundation, a not-for-profit organization focusing on fostering Black economic and social inclusion across Canada, participants will receive specialized upskilling with hands-on learning in high-demand sectors, including skilled trades and technical occupations. Participants will also receive advanced skills development in emerging technologies such as app development, coding and design principles, and virtual reality basics, as well as professional development training, mentorship and job placement support.

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