Ontario Celebrates Launch of Canada’s Largest Biomanufacturing Facility

Sanofi’s new facility will significantly increase domestic production of life-saving vaccines

Today, the Ontario government joined Sanofi to celebrate the grand opening of their new, $800 million vaccine manufacturing facility at its Toronto campus. The new building, spanning approximately 200,000 square feet, will produce pediatric and adult vaccines for pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria and tetanus, significantly increasing the country’s production of life-saving vaccines for domestic and global markets.

Sanofi’s new facility builds on the company’s expansive footprint in Ontario, which includes a full spectrum of R&D, manufacturing, clinical trials, regulatory, distribution and commercial operations. As part of Sanofi’s 2,000 employees in Canada, the facility will employ 200 people and is supported by federal, municipal and provincial governments including a $50 million investment from the province of Ontario.

Sanofi is also building a second new facility at its Toronto campus to increase production of the Fluzone High-Dose Influenza Vaccine, a flu vaccine specifically formulated for people 65 years and older.

As part of the government’s life sciences strategy, the province is investing $15 million through the Life Sciences Innovation Fund and $100 million through the Ontario Together Fund to help establish Ontario as a global biomanufacturing and life sciences hub. Over the past three years, Ontario has attracted over $3 billion in investments from life sciences companies and global biomanufacturers.

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