MPP Dawn Gallagher Murphy Helping Aurora Seniors Stay Fit, Healthy and Active

Increasing our investments in Seniors Active Living Centres bringing resources and activities closer to home  

NEWS                                                                                                          June 26, 2024 

Aurora — MPP Dawn Gallagher Murphy today announced that the Ontario government is helping more seniors stay fit, healthy and active in their community by investing $75,758 in the Aurora Seniors Centre, operated by the Town of Aurora. This funding includes $51,137 from a $15 million investment to support all current Seniors Active Living Centres (SALC) programs across the province that connect seniors with resources and activities. An additional $25,000 comes from a $6 million investment through the Seniors Community Grant Program to support 282 community projects that help seniors and older adults stay fit, active, healthy and socially connected, close to home.

“Our Senior Active Living Centres are an important part of the community,” said MPP Dawn Gallagher Murphy. “They bring seniors and the whole community together with services, activities and programs that make sure our seniors stay connected all year long.”

The Aurora Seniors Centre serves more than 2,000 older adults and seniors in our region, including recent Chinese and Asian immigrants. Programming is offered in-person, on-line, hybrid (combined on-line and in-person) and includes Without Wall telephone programming and Seniors Centre In The Mail, fitness, social, sports and learning activities.

The Seniors Community Grant will support a project to offer healthy living recreation activities and a second career training program for older adults to become fitness trainers and lifeguards. It will reach 80 older adults living in the Aurora area.

The up to $15 million investment in SALC programs is an increase of close to 10 per cent from last year, resulting in a majority of SALC programs getting a funding increase from $42,700 to up to $50,000 to deliver a variety of programs such as book clubs, fitness classes, health and wellness services, social groups, and other special events. 

“Senior Active Living Centres help build healthier, safer communities by providing a community hub for older adults,’’ said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “Our government’s expansion and investment in Seniors Active Living Centre programs will help even more older adults, including those in remote areas, get the supports they need to live healthy, independent lives.”    

Due to the overwhelming success of Ontario’s more than 300 Seniors Active Living Centres being delivered by municipalities, new changes to the Seniors Active Living Centres Act, 2017 came into effect as of June 1, 2024 that enable more types of organizations to deliver Seniors Active Living Centre programs.   

A call for proposals for organizations to deliver SALC programming will open later this summer. In addition to municipalities, other local and community-based organizations such as Legions, Lion’s Clubs, and other social and recreational clubs are now welcome to apply.  

Organizations that deliver SALC programming contribute 20 per cent of the cost of delivering the program, with the province providing the remaining 80 per cent.  

This announcement comes as Ontario marks Seniors Month, a time to celebrate the accomplishments of older people in the province.  


  • The number of seniors aged 65 and over is projected to increase significantly, from 2.8 million or 18.4 per cent of population in 2022, to 4.4 million, or 20.3 per cent by 2046.  
  • While more seniors live in large urban centres, smaller or rural regions tend to have a higher proportion of seniors in their communities. 
  • There are now 316 Seniors Active Living Centre programs across Ontario.  
  • Seniors can use the online search tool to find a program near them.